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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Intro; Candy History

Why even bother studying the history of candy? All it is, is sugar, sugar, and MORE sugar. Well, let me be the first to tell you sugah, candy is loved so much in America that we even have an entire day devoted to eating candy; Halloween! This made me think and wonder about where in the world did all of our favorite treats start out?

The history of candy dates back to ancient people who must have snacked on sweet honey straight from bee hives. The first candy confections were fruits and nuts rolled in honey. The manufacturing of sugar began during the middle ages. Did you know this was at the time when sugar was so expensive that only the RICH could afford candy made from sugar. Spanish explorers discovered Cacao, from which chocolate is made, in 1519 in Mexico. By the mid-1800s, there were four hundred factories in the United States producing candy.

Information About Myself:
Hi Followers,
My names Hayley I'm making this blog for
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Our assignment was to create a blog about
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I couldn't think of anything because most of
what I'm interested in I know a good amount
about. So then I resorted to things I really enjoy
and food came to my mind. And then I thought
about sour patch watermelon, and I instantly
wanted to research the history of how all of these
gooey-sticky substances came to be.
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